Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stay Classy, Cracked...

"Re: Report Abusive Commenters Here « Reply #14 on: Today at 09:15 AM » Dunno if it's ban worthy, but this guy is OnoSendai, the guy who's running that blog that he thinks is actually hurting Cracked. He's on John's article today advertising his site. Report Abusive Commenters Here « Reply #15 on: Today at 10:11 AM » Dear god, that blog is atrocious. Just because John doesn't like commentors? Seriously, did he touch him in his no-no area or something like that? ThePedant Workshop Moderator Re: Report Abusive Commenters Here « Reply #16 on: Today at 10:11 AM » In case you need evidence for that guy other than the fact that he was dumb enough to use the same profile picture: On the youtube quickfix: On the gag gift article: On Sarge's highschool article: On Cheese's article: Cheese's article again, this time responding to another commenter who said he was glad to see Cheese back: Here's his crappy "Cracked parody" blog to confirm that it's called Crocked and he's not just having bizarrely specific typo problems. There were also several posts on his "We're so big and important and Cracked will fall to our might" blog bragging about how he's using a TOR browser to get around the IP ban and encouraging others to do likewise, but I've no desire to give the asshole more traffic by digging them out again, and they don't specifically mention this account. David Wong Administrator Re: Report Abusive Commenters Here « Reply #17 on: Today at 10:30 AM » This is where it's helpful to have one button that deletes all of a user's comments in one shot."

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  1. The Cracked forum thread right before they banned/deleted my account and comments.

    Notice that guidelines for "abusive comments" pertain only to insulting the article writer, which mine didn't.

    Same old Cracked, say ANYTHING that they don't like and you're gone.

    It also shows that they read this everyday.

    Stay classy, Cracked...