Friday, December 21, 2012

Perhaps That's Why I Am Alone.

Girl alone. Crocked! <photoonlysource>
She wonders about her loneliness, and didn't realize about the loneliness of those in the world that she had left behind.

Why am I feeling so alone, when I’ve got precious friends
And many things I own
Why am I feeling unsatisfied when God gave me a life
Even a hundred different worlds can’t replace
I still cry in the night over the same petty thoughts
Which I thought I had gotten over
Never want to be a pain in the neck
But lately it seems that’s all I’m good at
Can’t keep a smile on for the sake of another smile
Can’t pretend everything’s all right
Is it honesty or just plain emotional
Or is it emotional honesty?
Tried hard as I might
The world seems black
Happiness never last long
Why am I feeling so alone?
When we try hard, do we fall as hard?
Why must I expect something more
Instead of accepting it as it is
Everyone’s thoughts matter so much
I neglect my own
And in return they won’t leave me alone
They made me feel so alone
Why do I sound so dead?
I am all alone…
Perhaps...that’s why.

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