Friday, January 4, 2013

Look At It: Bacon Alarm Clock

It sucks having to wake up early every morning for school, work or whatever ungodly job you gotta do at 6:00 A.M, but you can lessen the pain by choosing the right device to wake you up. Now, you could wake up to the generic buzzing sound coming from your clock radio—which would only make you slam your fist on the sleep button and doze off again—or you could wake up to the heavenly scent of maple crisp bacon with this Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock by Matty Sallin. Just by placing a couple of pre-cooked bacon strips into the piggy-shaped device and setting the timer the night before, the wooden alarm clock will wake you up with the smell of safely cooked bacon coming from within. You can also use the tongs that come with this clever machine to pick up and eat one of the delicious strips, unless you don’t mind getting your fingers greasy in the process. Unfortunately, this product is commercially unavailable, but thanks to Instructables, you can make one of your own.  

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